What makes a great headshot?
Your headshot has to look like you on a good day. Your personality should be captured which will give you an engaging image. Whether shot in the studio or outside I can ensure you have a 'real' headshot. You need a headshot where the viewer will focus right into your eyes, no bright lights or distractions in the background.

Will there be a make up artist?
I don't include this in my packages but I do work when requested with some great make up artists, this can be added to your package for an additional charge prior to your shoot.

Do you shoot inside or outside?
I shoot your headshots at my prefered locations in Bow and/or Cambridge. For business shoots I can visit your business premises.

Do you shoot vertical and horizontal headshots?
Yes I shoot both ! Vertical headshots are industry standard and look fantastic on the internet. Horizontal headshots are very modern and offers the arty look that catches peoples imagination. These images are very popular in Hollywood and New York but are becoming popular in London in the acting and business world. A horizontal image can look amazing and will stand out from the industry standard vertical shot.


How long will it take me to receive the final retouched images?
You will receive the retouched images within 48 hours of your chosen edits.


Where do you shoot?

My natural light outside shoots take place in Bow, East London and Cambridge. Business shoots can take place at your location.

What’s a shoot like?
In order to have a great headshot, you need to be relaxed. All my shoots are stress free and the most important thing is you need to be having fun. I encourage spontaneity, but I’m very directional. I don’t expect you to know every pose that will make your headshot a great headshot.